You can book Laura to give a growling or vocal effects workshop for your (business) event or choir on location.

  • Available in Dutch, English and German.
  • Also suitable for people who normally don’t sing at all
  • The workshop can be tailored to your needs
  • Prices are available on request.

Willingen (DE) – A fun workshop at the end of a seminar day for W.A.F. Institut für Betriebsräte-Fortbildung AG

What is growling?

  • A distorted sound made by compressed air ruffeling the false vocal cords. Often used in metal music, but also common in tribal folk music around the world.
    Want to get your primordial blood flowing? Choose this one!

What are vocal effects?

  • Anything slightly out of the ordinary speaking / singing voice really. Think about creak, fry, rattle, distortion, whistle register, mongolian throatsinging (with overtones), polyphonic singing, and more.
    Are you curious about the endless possibilities of your voice? Choose this one!