Laura Guldemond is the crazy wildchild and frontwoman of the Burning Witches with whom she shares her love for old school metal! Check out her other work and projects at Music and Patreon where you can support her and get exclusive merch and classic rock and metal covers.

“Growing up and wanting to be a shredder or scientist didn’t turn out as it should and eventually after being in several rock and metal bands as a vocalist and trying several studies going to the first metal conservatory in the world as a vocalist felt finally as a decision I could truly make from the heart.

In the Dynamo concert hall in the middle of Eindhoven Rockcity at what in the 80’s was the metal headquarters of the Netherlands, maybe even Europe at that time, is now the Metal Factory. This was the perfect place to finally be able to hone the metal muscles on a daily basis and share this passion with lots of other metalheads and well established musician teachers trying to make the best song or riff ever written. During this time I met my previous band Shadowrise and got to work with metal master Arjen Anthony Lucassen as part of the Epic Rock Choir for Ayreon’s The Theater Equation and The Gentle Storm.

Lots of awesome metal bands have influenced me during the years. To name a few I listened to a lot as a teenager; Within Temptation, W.A.S.P., Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Halestorm, Eluveitie, Death Angel and Kamelot. This is reflected in the versatility of my voice. For all the new stuff coming out, just keep an eye on the social media pages! Hope to see you some time on the road!”

FAQ: Yes! I also would love to help you out with vocals for your project. Just send me a message with a demo and lyrics and a plan if you have them at ‘contact’!