Hello singer! Looking to improve on your vocals and blow people away?
Every genre and level are welcome! We are going to have lots of fun while working on your personal singing goals with songs you like. There is also the availability to record vocal demos for building a portfolio.

My specialisations are rock, metal, pop and jazz. A lot of people ask me to help them with vocal effects like fry, screams and distortion for a rock or metal feel. Lots of vocal coaches don’t know how to explain doing this at all or how to do this safely. Which is a shame, cause not only in metal but in almost all genres lots of vocal effects are used to give it that extra spice!

Because I just moved to Acht in Eindhoven I’m having a nice promotion running until the end of July: For every referral that takes a lesson before the end of July you’ll get one lesson for FREE. For your referral a first lesson will be 50% off! The more referrals, the more free lessons. Happy hunting! 


Lessons are available on Skype or in Eindhoven in the Netherlands.
For Skype lessons you only need good wifi and a smartphone.
Skype: € 35 for 50 minutes
In Eindhoven: € 40 for 50 minutes
Get a package of 10 lessons and get 1 lesson for free
Also available in 2x 5 lessons and get 1 lesson for free

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Fast and Furious with Laura

5.0 rating
October 18, 2020

I guess we’re never really as good at singing as we would hope… Laura helps fix that 😉
Lots of progress in the “distorted clean” singing department, and I have her to thank!


Awesome progress in the first lesson

5.0 rating
June 30, 2020

Laura is very nice. She showed me some techniques that improved my singing fast and good. This was my first lesson and not my last. 🙂



5.0 rating
June 30, 2020

Laura is the absolute best! She’s the most down to earth and silly human and I love working with her. She is super approachable, makes you feel comfortable, and really breaks down my weak spots so I understand how to improve those areas. As a rock singer, there’s a lot that can go wrong with improper technique so I am super stoked to have Laura in my corner making sure I’m blowing the roof off without my vocal chords following suit!

Brianna Felice

Great first lesson!

5.0 rating
June 25, 2020

For me as an Opera Singer it was difficult to use any other technique than Belcanto-Style. In 50min Laura did it that I can use now my chest voice safely and to bring more emotions and colors to my voice. Im ready for the next lessons.


Lessons with Laura

5.0 rating
June 19, 2020

Laura’s teaching is so intuitive and versatile! I get so much from her lessons and plan to continue taking classes from her. Highly recommend her!

Alexis Collins

Metal technique

5.0 rating
June 5, 2020

Laura is knowledgeable and easy-going, she’s helping a lot with my technique. It’s really fun to work with her!


Thank you for the lesson

5.0 rating
May 30, 2020

It was fun working with you.